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Custody Evaluations

Dr. Wilson obtained her Ceritified Child Custody Evaluator Credential (CCCE) from the National Board of Forensic Evaluators (NBFE) and she is also doctoral-level Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisor Distinction (LPCC-S). This credentialing qualifies her to conduct a comprehensive evaluation process that will assist in the legal custodial process.

In order to reduce the chance of bias, Dr. Wilson does not accept one-sided evaluations, requests must be for evaluation of the child and all parents and/or legal guardians.

The comprehensive assessment process will consist of:

1. Diagnostic clinical interview with each parent/guardian

2. Diagnostic clinical interview with each child

3. Psychological testing with each parent

4. Psychological testing with each child

5. Diagnostic clinical interview with parties relevant to case, i.e... other guardians/parental figures

6. Obervations of each parent/guardian interactions with each child

7. Review of pertinent records related to the case

Presentation of Evaluation Results

Following the evaluation process, Dr. Wilson will offer to meet with the attorneys of both parents in order to review the results, it is not necessary for the clients to attend this meeting. Dr. Wilson will discuss the results of the evaluation and provide a written report that summarize the results of the assessments along with recommendation for custody/visitation for both parents. The report will also note parental strengths, areas of concerns related to parenting practices, and any treatment considerations.

The results will focus on advocating for the best recommendation for the children, highlights each parent/guardian's ability to appropriately parent their children, and assists attorneys with provision of feedback to their clients.  Attorneys will have the option to present and discuss practical solutions to address the custodial concerns. With cooperation of all parties involved, the typical timeframe to complete the process from start to finish averages between 4 to 8 weeks.