Professionals in a meeting

What Clients Can Expect During the Evaluation/Assessment Process

1. Attorneys should advise clients of the general nature of the forensic interview.

2. The informed consent process will allow for clients to have their attorneys present for most interviews. Please advise your client if you wish to be present or not.

3. Many interviews are audio taped and clients should discuss the implications of this with their attorney.

4. Clients should obtain directions to Dr. Wilson's office and have a contact number before traveling. Parking is available for free in the front of the building. 

5. On arrival, clients should go down to the 3rd floor to Suite 121, ring the red button, and Dr. Wilson will let them in the suite. Often they will be asked to complete some forms that should not be considered confidential.

6. Most interviews last between 30 minutes and 3 hours depending upon what is being evaluated at the time. 

7. Psychological testing may be conducted as a part of the interview even if not previously scheduled. If extensive testing is necessary, then the client may be rescheduled for additional days.

8. Clients should not expect family members to attend the interviews.

9. Glasses, hearing aids, drink or food should be brought. A Subway restaurant is located on the 1st floor of the Atrium Building.

10. Clients should take medications as usual in the morning and also throughout the day if prescribed.

11. Although efforts are made to assure convenience and comfort, clients should make the expert aware if they are uncomfortable or wish to end the interview or testing at any time.