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Child/Adolescent Court Evaluations

Dr. Wilson offers comprehensive psychological evaluations for children and juveniles that are involved with the juvenile justice system. The evaluation process can assist with the identification of factors that may be resulting in delinquent behaviors, provide diagnosis and treatment recommendations, and assist with determining the best course of action to address their legal concerns. These evaluations results can assist courts, juvenile justice workers, case managers, social workers, attorneys, and other applicable parties with making determinations that may reduce the youths' chances of future involvement with the legal system.

Research has shown that a focus on the attitudes and behaviors that are related to delinquency might reduce risk factors, such as a history of trauma/abuse/neglect, engagement in criminal behavior, poor academic performance, or lack of conflict resolution skills. The evaluation process can assist with problem identification that can be targeted for cognitive, behavioral, and/or emotional interventions and with the following goals:

  • To reduce the number of serious and chronic juvenile offenders. •
  • To divert nonviolent juvenile offenders from state juvenile correctional institutions.
  • To restore the losses suffered by the victims of crimes.